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March 4, 2017


The American Legion Post 94 would like to thank the community of Snow Hill, NC for there support of our semiannual pancake dinner. It was a great feast. Also a grateful thank you to all Legionnaires and Ladies Auxiliary who made  this social event happen.

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March 26 2016,


The American Legion Post 94 would like to thank the community of Snow Hill and communities from Wayne, Lenior and Pitt countries for supporting the annual pancake & sausage dinner. It appeared everyone got enough to eat and had a good time at this social event. A special thanks to all those that made this event possible without your help this special event
would not have been possible. Especially the take out window help.

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July 2015

2016 Officers.

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American Legion Post 94

The Legionnaires, family and friends meet on July 7, 2015 for the annual grill out in celebration of the July 4 Holiday. It was a real feast and everyone enjoyed the social event. A very special thanks to, Commander Darrell Tarrrant, his fianc’ee, Steve Kincannon, Ladies Auxiliary and many others that helped make this social event and meeting very special for everyone.

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Walk of Honor Dedication

The American Legion Shirley Hill Post 94 dedicated the walk of honor on May 27, 2013 at the legion Post 94. The Walk of Honor is dedicated to all veterans of the US military. The reading of the names for each brick was completed by the following legionnaires; J Ray Edmundson, Robert Watson, Darrell Tarrant, Chris Connolly, Steve Kincannon, Lou Cook, Bobby Tyson, and William Street.

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